Happy Tugs Massages

Full body massage @ Happy Tugs massage parlor

John was very tired after his work week. What is better than after such long working hours than massage ? especially massage given by proffesional Asian lady in massage parlor ? John already knew that – nothing is better 😉

So he went to our massage parlor somewhere in San Francisco. He was greeted by cute Asian girl – Lea. Later she appeared to be awesome masseuse. But as for now, John ordered just standard massage for 50 bucks. He laid naked one the massage table and slowly started to experience what (later he named it) was one of the best massage experiences in his short life. So, he thought to himself ? Why not go further ? Why not to ask massage girl about “something more” ? Lea started suspecting something after she saw John’s cock gettting bigger and bigger..as her soft hands were giving him oil massage. So finally both of them went to conlusion 😉 – 200 bucks for full body to body massage with fucking.. Deal, John ? John accepted this offer without any doubts.

As usual, we brought you this Happy Tugs update by mounting 4 hidden cameras in our massage parlor. So all action is real (well, almost but still hot ;] ) ! enjoy Happy Tugs !

Happy Tugs Massages

Happy ending in massage parlor

Going to massage parlors is sometimes fun, just raw fun…You never know what can happen in there 😉
As so it was this time for one lucky dude, let’s call him Mario. Mario went to this massage parlor expecting nothing fancy and unusual, but…

Massage therapist girl, Celia, was quite famous in her neighbourhood for giving some special massage customers bonuses, like handjob, blowjob – all with happy ending game. That’s why Mario, after 2 hours massage left this massage parlor so happy….So the standard price for the massage was like 50 bucks (remember, this is USA, not Asia); Mario payed like 200 bucks more and got all what was possible. What exactly ?

click one the image above and see for yourself 😉

Happy Tugs Massages

Welcome to Happy Tugs

Asian Masage Parlor – welcome

For those of you guys who
have been already somewhere in Asia, especially South East Asia,
you know what to expect from good massage. When you visit massage
parlor somewhere in that area you know that this is (well, almost)
win-win situation. You pay like 10 bucks to the girl, get massage
after you feel reborned 😉 and the lady is happy too because she
earned something. These ladies just know how to give good massage
– it’s in their tradition, and let’s say blood. Sometimes however
, when you visit such massage parlor you are offered some extra
services. It depends on the lady but usually the extra services
in massage parlor include handjob, blowjob, and rarely – full sex

My blog is exactly about
these "extra service" massage parlors. We mounted some
hidden cameras in one of these asian massage parlors, but this
time located somewhere in USA, San Francisco….and look what the
cat drag in 😉 This way we have some nice videos of massage
parlors handjob, blowjobs and so on…Service depends on the tip
amount 😉

Happy Tugs
. Over there you
will find full length movies from asian massage parlors…No
bullshit. Enjoy !